Recipe: Fried rice---digestion, scraping oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice---digestion, scraping oil


The principle of weight loss: In the process of frying, the starch contained in the rice is completely destroyed and decomposed (of course, other nutrients have also been seriously damaged) and turned into activated carbon. Activated carbon, such a thing, can absorb the fat attached to the stomach and intestines and excrete it. Therefore, it special "scraping, scraping oil", quenching thirst, and protecting the stomach, how much you can eat if you want to eat, and can be eaten with any dish, including meat and fried products that people want to eat without losing weight. Wait, for the best weight loss. ----Excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia listening to the mother so I said, I also tried so a try, I feel that fried rice porridge is not bad, very fragrant, but also very helpful digestion...



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The rice is washed clean and dried.

    The rice is washed clean and dried.

  2. There is no oil in the pot, no heat, small fire, after the pot is hot, put the dried fried rice.

  3. Stir-fried until golden, out of the pan, and put in a sealed box/can.

  4. Cook it when you eat.

  5. 'Illustration of Chinese Tea'

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