Recipe: Fried rice cake - super fast hand

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice cake - super fast hand


The outer layer is crispy, and the inside is soft and sweet. A glutinous rice product is difficult to adjust. If you make a taste that you don't like, please respect the original intention of writing a recipe below to share your experience. thank! ☺️



  1. White sugar with appropriate amount of hydration (water does not exceed 100) depending on the dough situation

  2. Slowly pour the glutinous rice flour with syrup, while the chopsticks slowly stir the glutinous rice flour, and after granules, mash the glutinous rice flour into a ball

  3. Put a thin layer of oil in the non-stick pan in the flat bottom, then pinch a small glutinous rice ball, press the flat, be careful when frying the noodles, because the glutinous rice flour is sticky, avoid bumps, and slowly fry until golden on both sides. You can eat it hot after eating the pot.


1. Water can be added to the dough to form a dough, but it is not hard. If there is no standard, it can be fried into a group. 2. You can pack some red bean paste and other ingredients and then flatten it. 3. Chopsticks are inserted into the rice. The cake is almost cooked without bringing out the food. 4. The sugar is recommended not to add too much, so too sweet will not have a sweet feeling, but look at the personal taste of the ha. 5. Cool will feel q, you can put the non-stick pan and simmer It’s the same

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