Recipe: Fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice cake



  1. Stir-fried eggs from the oil pan, the egg liquid is poured down and almost formed into a pan.

  2. Then stir up the greens and enoki mushrooms in a pan.

  3. In the pot, there is a soup of stir-fried vegetables, and then the rice cake is fried. When the rice cake is almost cooked, add the fried vegetables, enoki mushrooms and eggs.

  4. Then put a little bit of soy sauce, I also added my own fried vegetable minced meat sauce. Put some salt before seasoning, cut off the scallions after the fire is turned off, stir fry and you can cook.


1. I personally feel that the fried rice cake with the soy sauce is more fragrant. 2. Add some spicy sauce or sweet sauce to taste more.

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