Recipe: Fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice



  1. Chop the garlic, mustard and garlic leaves or shallots. .

  2. The powdered skin is boiled with boiling water, cut into small squares, and then boiled again with boiling water.

  3. Open the pan, a little more. The oil is hot and stir-fried in a small pot, preferably in a transparent or translucent state.

  4. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce, old extraction color, dosage to see personal habits. At the same time, keep frying to prevent sticking

  5. Add the end of the mustard, stir fry until the taste; add the minced garlic, continue to stir fry until the garlic. If you like spicy, add some spicy oil.

  6. Add garlic leaves or diced green onion before the pan.


1. No water is added during the whole process. After the powder is soaked in hot water, some water will be retained, so no water is needed. Personal habits use ordinary iron pot to cook, non-stick shovel spoon always feels uncomfortable, so in the process of stir frying, there will always be a thin layer on the bottom of the pot, it doesn't matter, wash it off when washing the pot. . 2. According to personal preference, you can add some ingredients, such as shrimp or minced meat. I like vegan, and the pure taste is better.

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