Recipe: Fried ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ribs



  1. The ribs are washed and controlled to dry, add wine, soy sauce, white pepper, salt, and marinated in the refrigerator.

  2. The ribs are taken out to the room temperature in advance, and the strip cast iron pot is heated to the vegetable oil with the third gear of the induction cooker, that is, 1200w, and the ribs are arranged, and each side is fried for 2 minutes. The fire is set to 2, covered with a breathable lid, fry for 15 minutes, remember to turn over in the middle to avoid burning

  3. First heat white sesame seeds, set aside for spare, then stir-fry vinegar, sugar, soy sauce (rare amount, color is good), salt mixture, transferred to raw water (small amount). Finally, add the ribs to stir fry, pour the white sesame seeds into the juice stage, and add the shallots when the pot is served.

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