Recipe: Fried red leeks

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried red leeks


There are many varieties of green vegetables in Guangzhou. After so many years, some dishes are still not named. I am willing to accept all kinds of fresh things, so I especially like to buy dishes that I don't know. When I buy it, I will ask how to eat the vegetables. Later, I won’t ask for it because the general vegetables can be used for frying or Roll the soup. There are two types of leeks sold in the market. One is green leeks and the other is red leeks. What I am doing today is red leeks. After frying, there will be beautiful purple red soup. Don’t underestimate it. Very delicious. Amaranth is simple and easy to make. Add salt and stir fry. It is best to keep the nutritional value to the maximum. In fact, this method of frying is suitable for all leafy vegetables.



  1. Remove the red leeks from the roots, choose, wash, drain

  2. Garlic slice or diced

  3. Stir-fry the oil in the wok, sauté the garlic slices, then pour in the leeks and stir fry, until the leeks are slightly changed to the appropriate amount.


1, cooking time should not be too long. 2. There may be a lot of water in the cooking of leeks, so you don't need to add water during the frying process. 3, if you want the garlic to scent, put some garlic before the pot, so the fragrance is more intense.

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