Recipe: Fried red fruit

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried red fruit



  1. Prepare some hawthorns, now in the vegetable market, supermarkets, you can buy hawthorn everywhere.

  2. Wash the hawthorn, then go to the nuclear, you can take the hawthorn to the second, and then pick the nuclear and black parts. This method is the most common, but it is too cumbersome to operate. I have a small method of going to the nuclear, TV to school, After trying it, I feel really good. I use a pen cap to go to the core. I use a cap to rotate it from the end of the mountain. I can pull it out after the pen cap enters part.

  3. Then, from the other end, the same method is used to rotate and screw in, and the hawthorn core can be pulled out by the cap. If the hawthorn nucleus is not completely out, or it is broken in the cap, you can use the tool in the small saber to pick it up. Of course, you can use the chopsticks to poke it out, but it is broken in the cap, or the flesh in the cap. It's still easier to clean up with this gadget.

  4. This method is especially convenient and quick to use, and it can also keep the hawthorn intact. If you don't have a pen cap, use the same suitable cap. You can't use a thick, blunt cap.

  5. This is all the processed hawthorn, put them in a small pot

  6. Sprinkle the right amount of sugar on it, put it for a while, then add the right amount of water, stew for 30 minutes in medium and small heat.

  7. Put it aside and put it aside. After a while, it will become very sticky. Eat directly, let cool down, eat well after cold storage


It can also be made in a microwave oven, which is simpler and more convenient. Take the microwave container, put it into the hawthorn that has been washed and removed, add appropriate amount of sugar and water, put it in a microwave oven and heat it for 3 minutes, then take it out and stir it, then put it into the microwave for 3 minutes. After taking it out, it will become sticky and you can eat it.

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