Recipe: Fried red cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried red cabbage


Red cabbage seems to be a specialty in Wuhan. It has a special flavor. I like it very much. Generally, it can only be eaten in restaurants with Xiang-E flavor, and it is rarely seen in peacetime. Recently, I saw a fresh red cabbage sale in the supermarket of the community, and the little brother who sold the vegetables said that the vegetables were only available in winter. Hurry up to two ~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the red cabbage, pick it up (do not pick it with a knife)

    Wash the red cabbage, pick it up (do not pick it with a knife)

  2. Cut a few slices of pork belly for a taste.

  3. The oil is burned to 70% heat, and the pork belly is fried until it is discolored. Put it into the red dish and stir fry quickly. Spray two drops of white wine, add a little water, pour in a spoonful of mushroom hot sauce and continue to stir fry. Put the salt and fry a few more.


When the vegetables are fried, the fire is going to be strong. Adding some white wine can keep the color and crisp taste of the vegetables.

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