Recipe: Fried red cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried red cabbage


Red cabbage, the most famous name is Hongshan vegetable moss. It is said that the origin is only in the area of ​​Baotong Temple in Hongshan District, Wuhan. Another name: the dish of Baotong Temple. According to historical records, red cabbage has always been a local product tribute to the emperor in Hubei, and was once named "Golden Temple Jade".



  1. The red cabbage peels off the roots of the old skin, and the flowers are smashed together with the leaves. After washing, drain the water.

  2. The hot pot is oiled, and the oil is hot and the garlic is scented.

  3. Add the red cabbage to the drained water, add a little sugar and stir fry until the break, add salt and season, add a few drops of vinegar and stir well.

  4. Sprinkle with chicken essence before the pot


This dish is basically the same as the average small green dish. Just pay attention to the next time you don't fry and die. In fact, I always think that the key to its not good taste is not the practice but the raw materials. Good vegetable moss is fried, sweet, crisp!

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