Recipe: Fried rabbit meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rabbit meat


The family thinks that the rabbit meat is too embarrassing. If you don't like it, you can find a way to make fried rabbit meat. The rabbit meat is cooked, and the hand is torn into a meat strip. It is made without any smell. It is delicious. No picture is taken. The upper right corner is the finished product.



  1. Cut the onion, ginger slices, cut in the middle of the garlic, diced peppers (my family has children, do not like to eat green vegetables, I cut the small Ding, you can slice, you can also use green pepper, this can be chosen by yourself), tofu Dry cut small pieces (I bought dried tofu that can be eaten directly in the supermarket, but also because the children love to eat, this can be chosen by themselves, or not.) The rabbit meat is torn into meat strips, like a chicken. (I bought a cooked rabbit, if it is raw rabbit meat, you can not tear it by hand)

  2. Put the oil in the pot, you can have a little more, usually pan the pot of cooking. The oil heat will throw the star anise, fennel into it, and put the onion ginger and garlic into the saute.

  3. Put the prepared rabbit meat, stir-fry, and pour the wine (the best way to make the scent is easier to come out), then stir fry.

  4. Then pour the pepper and tofu and stir fry, add black pepper and continue to twirling. Finally, turn off the fire and put a little MSG. (Be sure to turn off the fire and put it again), okay, you can go out.


Because the rabbit meat and tofu I bought are salty, I have not put salt. If it is a tofu with no salt and rabbit meat, the little friends remember to put salt. Friends who like to eat chili can When the onion ginger is bursting, put the dried chili to explode.

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