Recipe: Fried purslane

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried purslane


A quick dish~ Purslane is a very special wild vegetable, it tastes sour and sour, so it is best to match garlic and pepper~~ In the summer, with a bowl of porridge, comfortable!



  1. Wash the purslane, pick it up, drain the water and set aside.

  2. The garlic is minced and the dried chili is cut into small pieces.

  3. Open the fire, after the pot is hot, pour a small amount of oil, stir the garlic and dried chilies slightly, then pour into the purslane, stir fry and serve.


1. Because the purslane itself tastes a bit sour, so it will have a natural hot and sour taste with chili, very refreshing. The amount of pepper depends on the degree of personal resistance to the heat ~ 2. There are also cold salads, but I prefer to fry ~ 3. There will be water, so if you look at the water, I like to eat it with the juice.

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