Recipe: Fried purple cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried purple cabbage


At present, the method of making purple cabbage is delicious, and it will only be this one. Later, learn other cooking methods.



  1. The purple cabbage is washed, cut into filaments, and the taste of the silk is better; the garlic is chopped, and the dried pepper is cut into small pieces.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, the dried chili peppers burst out of spicy, to red and black, but don't burst.

  3. Change the fire, stir fry the purple cabbage and minced garlic, add salt, sugar, and stir well.


The minced garlic can be scented in advance, or it can be blasted. It is directly fried with purple cabbage and stir-fried. Because if you first sauté the fragrant garlic, because the fire is big, or the explosion is long, it is easy to burn the garlic.

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