Recipe: Fried pumpkin seeds

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pumpkin seeds


The mother-in-law planted a big pumpkin, and gave us half of it. Today, the pumpkin skin is chopped and mixed in the soil to raise the soil for the flowers. The pumpkin meat is made into pumpkin paste (pure sweet), and the pumpkin seeds are not wasted. It’s really good for you to eat melon seeds! ????????????



  1. Pick up the pumpkin seeds with a spoon, wash and dry.

  2. Don't wait for it to dry thoroughly, pour it into a wok and turn it into a small fire.

  3. Slowly fry and stir fry, evaporate the water, stir fry until the surface is slightly yellow, you can cook out. It is crispy when it is cool.


I fry myself healthily because there is less salt. ????????‍????????

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