Recipe: Fried pumpkin fried salted duck egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pumpkin fried salted duck egg


Pumpkin is a common melon, warm, sweet and non-toxic, moistening the lungs and replenishing qi, phlegm and phlegm, deworming, detoxification, treating cough and relieving asthma, treating lung phlegm and constipation, and diuretic and cosmetic effects. It also has a high nutritional value and is a popular ingredient. This dish is delicious and beneficial to the pumpkin.



  1. First slice the tender pumpkin, peel the salted duck egg and smash it in the bowl.

  2. After the hot oil, the pumpkin is stir-fried in a pot, poured into the chopped salted duck egg and stir-fried, then add the appropriate amount of boiling water, boiled in medium and small heat, the soup is very thick because the salted egg yolk is immediately, after the pumpkin is cooked, taste it. Soup juice, if the salted duck eggs are salty, then there is no need to add salt.


I like the whole salted duck egg chopped and fried together. The saltiness of the protein wraps the pumpkin. It tastes good, basically does not add salt, and the protein is not wasted.

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