Recipe: Fried prawn [ultra simple]

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried prawn [ultra simple]


The fried prawn is a bit salty and fresh, and it can lock the moisture and taste of the shrimp well without losing its tenderness.



  1. If you want to stir the prawns, try to choose a smaller prawns. Otherwise, it is not so good in terms of visual or taste. You have tried it yourself and the conscience of the industry;

  2. Sliced ​​ginger and garlic, shredded pepper, prawn cut to wash and drain; hot pot cold oil, fragrant ginger and garlic slices, pour the drained prawns into the pot and stir-fry quickly, with its not completely discolored Pour a small spoon of cooking wine and soy sauce, add the pepper immediately, stir fry evenly and completely discolor the shrimp, add the appropriate amount of salt, taste the salty taste, turn off the heat, sprinkle a little chicken essence (also drop a few drops of rice vinegar), out The pan is filled with the plate. (As long as the fire is big enough, the whole process of frying shrimp is no more than two minutes)


There are no tips, tips are all in the practice, no longer need to slide down to see tips, industry conscience.

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