Recipe: Fried pork with Youxian flavor

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with Youxian flavor


This is also my favorite next meal. Every time I cook this dish, I can't control my two bowls of rice. Explosive rolls of fragrant pork slices and savory savory savory savory savory, and then with the spicy Hunan pepper, think about it began to swallow.



  1. Use a pig hair clip to clean off the long hair on the pig's skin, then bake the pig's skin on the fire, clean the small short hair in the pig's skin, wash it off with water.

  2. Put the pork in water and boil it, drain it for about 10 minutes and let it cool.

  3. When the pork is cool, the dry cleansing slice will be washed, the Hunan pepper will be washed, and the hob will be sliced.

  4. Take 2 cloves of garlic, cut a small piece of ginger into the end

  5. Lettuce sliced ​​meat

  6. Adjust the fire and put the pork slices on the fire. Wait until the meat pieces are oiled and transferred to medium and small fires.

  7. Put out the oil in the pot, put two spoons of Pixian bean paste, and sauté the ginger and minced garlic.

  8. Adjust the meat under the fire, fragrant dried, a spoonful of June fresh soy sauce and a spoonful of sugar to stir fry

  9. Finally, the next Hunan pepper, salt, and MSG stir-fry for 2 minutes.


1. The pork skin must not be removed. It is very Q and is chewy. 2, the pork slice is cut slightly thinner, it is easier to explode, and it is not easy to be greasy; 3, when choosing the fragrant dry, pay attention to the selection of the complete appearance without cracks, and stir it out to look better; 4, select Hunan pepper, please do not choose the two Jingjing strips similar to his appearance, the two Jingbang is too spicy, suitable for kimchi. Directly fry, be careful of spicy stomach pains. 5, the authentic Hunan practice is not to release the county watercress, but as a Chongqing person, fried meat is indispensable to this baby, but it is similar to the practice of returning the meat, but I think it is released, the taste is better.

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