Recipe: Fried pork with shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with shrimp


Every spring when I eat the pimp shrimp season, I will buy some back when I don't often eat it. Because it is too troublesome to eat, I will eat a few fresh foods, and then stir it with the sauce to eat slowly, that is, it is convenient and convenient.



  1. Buy the pimp shrimp cleaned and steam on the steamer for 15 minutes.

  2. The pitted shrimp is not hot, cut it into small pieces.

  3. Green peppers are seeded and cut into thicker silk, ginger shredded, green onions and chopped green onion

  4. Hot pot cold oil, until the oil is 80% hot, put onion ginger and musk, add the yellow sauce and stir-fry the sauce, add a few green peppers, stir fry, add the chopped shrimp section and stir fry, add some cooking wine, don’t open the fire at this time. Too big, the sauce is easy to paste, then add a little water along the side of the pot. If you think the color is light, you can order a few drops of soy sauce. Because the saltiness of the sauce is enough, you don't need to add salt and soy sauce. Wait for the bottom of the pot. When the water is gone, turn off the fire.


Because the shrimp is cut into small pieces, it is very convenient to eat. After the fried shrimp, the scent is full, with a little wine to drink, beautiful! Shrimp on the small thorns, you should pay attention when eating.

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