Recipe: Fried pork with pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with pork



  1. Cut the tenderloin into silk, add soy sauce, cooking wine, a little ginger, and mix the raw powder for five to eight minutes.

  2. The northeast big skin is soaked in clear water for three minutes, then do not stick, then drain the water.

  3. Cucumber shredded, garlic minced spare

  4. Put the oil in the pot, put the marinated pork into the heat when the oil temperature is two or three, and simmer until the five mature, then add the minced garlic and saute

  5. Change into a big fire, quickly put it into the skin and stir it evenly, then add the cucumber wire, add salt, flavor or chicken flavor to taste.


You can also add some fungus, carrots and other vegetables, stir-fry the vegetables first and mix well with the prepared peel, so as to prevent the fire from being too much and lead to the peeling pan. However, personal advice is to fry in the pot, so that it is more delicious, and the taste is more even. The reason why the fourth step is to use two or three percent hot oil to sauté the shredded pork, is to keep the shredded taste of the shredded pork. I found that the fried meat can keep the fleshy tenderness regardless of chicken or pork or beef. Cucumber silk is best not to fry too much, just soft, and my heart is still crispy, so that the whole dish has the fragrance of cucumber; If the soy sauce of the marinated pork is lightly colored, you can add some fresh soy sauce such as June when you fry the pork.

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