Recipe: Fried pork with pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with pork


Quick food, home cooking, winter must-have!



  1. First buy some fat pork belly and cut into silk.

  2. Remove the garlic from the roots, choose the leaves, wash and cut into sections.

  3. Heat the pan and heat it into the fat to fry. Be sure to fry the oil and feel a little bit of focus.

  4. Then add lean pork, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, stir fry.

  5. It is best to take a little while to prevent the meat from getting cooked.

  6. Pour the head of the garlic and stir fry. After the speculation is almost finished, pour the garlic leaves, sprinkle with the right amount of salt, and stir fry quickly.

  7. When the leaves are slightly flat, they can be filled out and loaded.


1, must be fried with lard, other oils will not work, the taste is much worse. 2, after the garlic leaves are poured, must be quickly stir-fry, otherwise the leaves are easy to dry, the color looks less attractive. I have also had a bit of speculation.

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