Recipe: Fried pork with pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with pepper


Very classic Hunan cuisine



  1. Cut the pork belly and marinate it with soy sauce. Cut the pepper with a hob and chop the garlic. Don't break it.

  2. Leave a little bit of water in the pot, put the fat out of the meat (because it is soil pork, so you can make oil). If it is fried with vegetable oil, put more oil in the pot than usual.

  3. After the oil is slightly fried, it may not be fried. The individual does not like the fat, so it will be fried. Pull the meat to the side

  4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, sauté the garlic in a small fire, and fry the pepper until the surface of the pepper looks blistering.

  5. Green peppers and freshly fried pork belly, stir-fried.

  6. Add salt, add MSG or chicken essence according to your taste

  7. carry out


The seemingly simple chili fried meat has great learning. 1. The ratio of pepper to meat should be 3:5. 2, fried with lard is much better than vegetable oil. 3, the key is to penetrate the taste of pepper, cooking oil and pork belly

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