Recipe: Fried pork with onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with onion


These flavors are slightly fried, huh, huh, people who are not afraid of fat will have a meal with me, but it is delicious! Pork belly is very fragrant, it is just used to fry onions, very sweet, add a little red pepper and parsley, more flavor! Friends who like spicy can also add some old godmother, so it is better to eat, I am afraid of getting angry, so I dare not let go!



  1. Cut the pork belly into thin slices, put a little oil in the pot, open the medium and small fire, and slowly simmer the pork belly.

  2. At this time, prepare the onion and cut into silk; the red pepper is also cut into silk, and the parsley is cut into pieces.

  3. When the pork belly is fried to two sides of golden yellow, it is oily.

  4. Put the pork belly on one side of the pot and pour in the onion; stir well until the onion is scented

  5. Add the red pepper and stir well together; add a little salt to taste, and serve the parsley before the pot.


If you want to cut the pork belly, you can put it in the freezer for half an hour and then take out the slice!

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