Recipe: Fried pork with green garlic sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with green garlic sauce


In the third year of high school, it was a special year in my life. It was the first time that I was separated from my parents for the first time. I lived in my aunt's house and lived for one year. Many of the experiences of that period of time were vague, and the only ones that were impressed were the aunt's hand-made meatball soup and the spicy garlic sauce fried pork (the food can not afford to hurt ~). Auntie is a busy man. Usually, my aunt is doing housework and cooking. When I meet him occasionally and feel good, I will show my hands and cousin. The specialty dishes are not the best dishes. Although the meatballs of the meatball soup are large, they are very tender and fragrant, while the fried pork with green garlic sauce is a very appetizing quick-cooked dish. In less than five minutes, you can Out of the pot (of course, to abandon the time of washing and cutting), the two dishes completely hold the audience, so that other dishes are also eclipsed. BTW, the bathing kimchi of the aunt's house (the fresh kimchi that only stays in the kimchi jar for a day or so) is really crisp and appetizing~~ This day, I went to the vegetable market and saw the fresh green garlic just listed. It was so tempting, so I bought a small one. At that time, when I had a flash of light in my head, I had a dish of auntie, so I bought a shredded pork and hoped to follow the memory. The taste in it, give it to you. (The spicy sauce of this dish refers to the watercress of Pixian County.)



  1. Mix the pork with B and marinate for 15 minutes.

  2. After washing the green garlic, cut into sections, and separate the garlic and green leaves.

  3. Pour the rapeseed oil into the pot. After cooking, adjust the small fire, add the A material, and fry the red oil.

  4. Transfer to the fire, stir-fry the pork quickly, discolor, add garlic, drizzle in the C wine and stir well

  5. When the garlic is slightly soft, the garlic leaves are transferred to the salt, sugar and water starch in C.


1. Add the soy sauce and soy sauce in the shredded pork first, then mix the starch and water and mix thoroughly (try to add water, a little wet sticky), and finally pour a small amount of sesame oil, so that it can be easily fried when shredded pork. Stir-fry. 2, fried with rapeseed oil, is a more authentic Sichuan home cooking practices, the finished product is more fragrant than ordinary blending oil.

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