Recipe: Fried pork with chopped cress

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with chopped cress


Tailored to vegetarians for eating meat



  1. The tofu strips are boiled with a little water. If the tofu is cooked, the water is best dried, so the water must not be much. Don't cook until the tofu is dried. It is best to get enough water. Stand out.

  2. Take another bowl and pour the flour into the bowl. If there is water in the original tofu bowl, pour the tofu and dry the strips in batches. spare.

  3. Pour the oil into the pot and boil it. Add the dried tofu strips in portions and fry until golden.

  4. After all the fried, change the oil... Explode the seasonings such as garlic, peanuts, dried chili and other ingredients.

  5. Pour the fried tofu and cress.

  6. Season with salted wine, stir fry until the cress is cooked. The green leaves are yellow, don't cover them, don't cook too long.

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