Recipe: Fried pork with beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with beans


(Fried pork with beans) is a simple and delicious dish. I like it very much, and my daughter likes it too!



  1. The beans that have been bought are not left to stand for a while (all vegetables are bought and left for a while). The beans are washed and cut to a length of about 3cm.

  2. Cut the tenderloin, pour a small amount of soy sauce < soy sauce > a small amount of starch, cooking oil, mix well and marinate.

  3. Wash the garlic, cut into garlic, spare ~

  4. Pour the hot oil into the cooking oil. After the oil is warm, pour the pork into the pork and sauté with the shovel until the pork is discolored.

  5. Pour into the edible oil garlic stir fry, pour the beans into the fire, stir fry, put a small amount of salt, add some water and continue to stir fry, until the beans are soft, pour in the pork and stir fry evenly, put a little soaked < ; coloring > out of the pot!


The shredded pork (loin) is cooked with cooking oil, starch, and salt. The reason why the beans have no drowning <flying water> is that it has a crisp feeling when eaten. Add the water in the middle of the fried beans, it can make the beans ripe, and the extra juice can also be bibimbap!

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