Recipe: Fried pork with bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with bacon


The bacon has experienced the wind of the twelfth lunar month and the baptism of the winter. The toon represents the taste of spring. These two kinds of ingredients meet each other, which is the big collision of the essence of the winter and spring seasons. You can experience the different tastes of the two seasons in one dish.



  1. The citron is washed and cut into pieces. If it is fresh, it must be drowned first. This step should not be omitted.

  2. Bacon the pot, fry the bacon with a small amount of oil, a small fire, fry a lot of fat

  3. Slightly stir fry and add the sliced ​​toon

  4. Stir fry over a large fire, cook a little yellow wine and continue to stir fry, add a little salt to taste, because the bacon is salty, do not add more salt, stir well and serve


1, this dish I still use the simplest method, as much as possible to highlight the original flavor of the two ingredients, no additional spices shabu-shabu, wine is only for the bacon to go to the simmer, no soy sauce or other condiments, if you are used to add some soy sauce It's easy to use soy sauce. It's very rare. Don't add more. It's great to keep the original taste. 2. It is recommended to add a water to the poison directly. For more recipe information, please visit:

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