Recipe: Fried pork skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork skin


My mom loves to do this, it is very good to eat, and the refrigerator can be turned out at any time in the refrigerator at home, so the mother's skin is expected to be within. Dad had complained for a while that he had two meals per week and he was fed up. Looking at my mother's little face, I feel that I have to suffer and have to suffer. I am saddened by the fact that I have done a few times of meat skin freezing, and I have forgotten it in the refrigerator. For my face with my father, I have to work hard to eat the skin... Let’s come together, work hard for the face. Struggling to eat meat. Haha, is this advertising the skin? ?



  1. After washing the pigskin, take a pot, put cold water in it, put in the pig skin, pour a spoonful of cooking wine, boil the water, cook for 10 minutes, then fish out

  2. Wait until the skin is slightly cold, scrape with a knife, scrape the grease on the back of the skin, and cut the filament for use.

  3. Take one of the electric pressure cookers, and put the water in the pot without the skin. Put in the onion, ginger, star anise, aniseed, fragrant leaves, grass and fruit, and a spoonful of cooking wine. After 20 minutes, the pan is baked, and the seasoning is removed. Out of the skin, drained for use

  4. Take a wok, put the cooking oil, add the onion, ginger, garlic, stir-fry, add the pork skin, stir fry, add 1 spoon, add half a spoon, half a spoonful of sugar, stir fry evenly After that, put the chili pepper, collect the soup, add salt to the pan.


1, the skin is one of the best beauty and beauty, rich in collagen, MM eat more, good for the skin. My family usually eats this quite a lot, can make meat skin frozen, how to eat is delicious. 2, the skin scraping oil is particularly important, one is that the fat is very long meat, the other is not clean, can not make frozen meat. Every time I scrape it very carefully, the grease that hangs out is quite disgusting, and the amount is still very large. 3, the meat skin pressed out of the pressure cooker is already cooked, so the frying is the quick hand dish, do not put water, collect the dried juice out of the pot, it is fried.

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