Recipe: Fried pork loin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork loin


Very convenient, but don't expect too much, not much can be delicious, improved from salt crisp chicken. I use the heart of the food to ensure that it is absolutely delicious.



  1. The onion, ginger and garlic are beaten into mud (the taste is fast, add some water and fight again.) Use the back of the knife to loosen the pork, and make a big row and then cut the pork into small pieces of about one centimeter.

  2. Put onion ginger, soy sauce, allspice, black and white pepper, sugar, rice wine, fuel consumption, all in a large bowl, stir well.

  3. Put the washed pork pieces in and marinate for about 10 minutes. Do not marinate for too long.

  4. Then mix the egg mixture.

  5. The pork pieces are marinated and wrapped in egg liquid, and then mixed with flour.

  6. Put the oil into the pot, heat about 7.8% of the lower meat, and fry until golden, don't be too cooked, because it will be re-fried, then put it for a few minutes (this is a necessary process, let the meat wake up) and re-explode with a small fire, pay attention Don't fry, slowly dry the water on the surface of the meat, and the taste will be crisp.

  7. The fruit and vegetable salad that can be served, the meat pieces should be very tasty and do not need any dips, but I like to match them.

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