Recipe: Fried pork liver with onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork liver with onion


It is a good choice to eat pig liver supplements once a week or two, especially for babies after adding complementary food.



  1. Rinse the purchased pig liver water and slice it

  2. Slice the pig liver in a suitable size bowl, rinse with water for 5 minutes, pour off the last water, add rice wine (slightly more), starch, salt, soy sauce, ginger and marinate for 10 minutes.

  3. Cut the onions during the pickling process. If you are used to eating soft onions, you can cut them a little.

  4. Heat the oil pan, pour the right amount of oil, pour in the marinated pork liver and stir fry. After the color turns white, pour in the onion and stir fry, add soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, and appropriate amount.

  5. Add some water and continue to stir fry, then sprinkle with chopped green onion and out of the pan!


Pig liver is a detoxification organ and must be cooked some

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