Recipe: Fried pork liver with onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork liver with onion



  1. Wash the onions, green peppers, and carrots, cut into pieces, take a small amount of ginger, wash and cut into silk, and separate the above materials.

  2. Cut the liver of the pig into pieces, and when the blood of the pig liver wash is relatively small, put it in a little water with a small amount of vinegar for a few minutes.

  3. Take out the soaked pig liver and rinse it clean, then add a small amount of salt, cooking wine, flour, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger and mix and marinate for 5-20 minutes.

  4. Put the right amount of oil into the pot, then put the marinated pork liver into the pot and stir-fry. When the pig liver is discolored, add 7 onions, then stir fry a few times. When the onion is 5, add a small amount of soy sauce and vinegar

  5. Put green peppers and carrots in a wok and stir fry, then add the right amount of sugar.

  6. Out of the pot


Finally, no sugar can be used. Seasoning, look at personal taste and physical condition. In addition, if you like a little more soup, you can add 1 scoop of half flour and a proper amount of boiling water and stir fry evenly. Pig liver is easy to fry, so the fire time will be short. The time for preparing this dish is a bit long, but the speculation will soon be fine.

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