Recipe: Fried pork liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork liver


Inside the animal's internal organs, the most favorite is the pig liver. It is said that the nutritional value of pig liver is very high in the world. Because my mother is a little anaemic, she sometimes stirs up a pig liver or stewed pork liver soup from time to time. My family is not too disgusted with this taste, I love to eat! But the pig liver must be cleaned, and the mouth will not be grayed out. When you stir-fry, you must use a big fire. If the oil is slightly larger, it will be tender and keep your nutrition as much as possible!



  1. The pig liver that the market bought back has been cut into thin slices, prepared with more water, and the pig liver is placed in the immersion. Pour the appropriate amount of cooking wine and soak together. Generally, it is cooked in the evening. It is best to soak for one afternoon. The pig liver itself is detoxification. Organs must be soaked in water for more time before they can be eaten safely;

  2. Wash the blood of the pig liver after soaking, rinse it, put a little old soy and mix the raw powder evenly, and sizing for a few hours;

  3. Put more olive oil in the pot, boil the oil in a big fire, add the ginger and garlic pieces, pour the dried pork liver into the stir-fry discoloration, then put the diced green pepper, stir fry repeatedly, add the fish Dew, chicken fine tune;

  4. Taste the tender and tender, you can enjoy it!


The following content is taken from Baidu: The pig liver is rich in iron and is the most commonly used blood food. Its nutrient content is more than 10 times that of pork. Pig liver also contains a variety of vitamins, cholesterol levels are not low. 1 kg of pig liver contains up to 400 mg of cholesterol. The content of vitamin A in pig liver far exceeds that of milk, eggs, meat, fish, etc., and has the function of maintaining normal growth and reproductive function. It can protect the eyes, maintain normal vision, prevent dry eyes and fatigue, and maintain a healthy skin tone. It is of great significance to the skin's bodybuilding. Chinese medicine believes that pig liver is bitter and bitter, enters the liver, and has the effect of nourishing the liver. Regular consumption of pig liver can also supplement vitamin B2, which can remove some toxic components in the body. Pork liver also contains vitamin C and trace element selenium, which are lacking in general meat foods. This is an important coenzyme for supplementing the body. Completion of the body plays an important role in detoxification of some toxic components, and at the same time enhances the body's immune response. Antioxidant, anti-aging, and can inhibit the production of tumor cells.

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