Recipe: Fried pork liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork liver


Pig liver is rich in iron, which is a blood-filling food. People with anemia can eat more food. In addition, the liver is rich in vitamin A, which can protect the eyes and maintain normal vision. The computer family can also eat occasionally. Oh!



  1. Fresh pork liver is washed back with running water, then immersed in water for half an hour to get blood

  2. After soaking, take a small piece of pig liver and wash the slices. Ginger and garlic are minced, and the green and red peppers are shredded.

  3. Put the liver in the pan, add salt, cooking wine, starch and sesame oil and marinate for half an hour.

  4. Put the oil in the pot twice as much as usual, and the pig liver is quickly scattered when the heat is 70% hot.

  5. Add ginger and minced garlic and stir-fry with red pepper. Add a spoonful of scallions and stir-fry.


1. Pig liver is a poison transfer station and detoxification organ in pigs, so don't rush to buy fresh pig liver. First, put the pig liver under running water for a few minutes, then soak it in water for half an hour to remove the pig liver. Blood water 2, pig liver is not easy to cook too tender, too difficult to be too old, to fry until you can not see the blood; 3, the speed of the pig liver is faster, the effect of using chopsticks to spread is faster than the spatula, so as to avoid liver liver or agglomeration of pig liver

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