Recipe: Fried pork chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork chops


Pork tenderloin is good for children.



  1. Cut the pork tenderloin into a 0.6 cm thick piece. Cut a few knives on the meat with a knife and then use a knife to force a few shots. Take the tenderloin into a large piece.

  2. Add some salt to the skin. MSG Yellow wine and egg and starch are mixed well. Marinate for 20 minutes (or 2 minutes if you are in a hurry)

  3. Then put the marinated meat in the bread crumb and press it with your palm (the bread is placed in a flat dish)

  4. The oil pan is fried into golden yellow. (When the oil temperature is about 120, the pork chops are fried.)

  5. Take out the cut and you can eat it.


Bread crumbs don’t use sugary high sugary sugar, it’s easy to fry.

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