Recipe: Fried pork chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork chops



  1. The small wooden hoe made of vegetables (can also be used with a knife back) to knock the big row flat, the thinner the better

  2. Eggs are knocked open, but don't break up

  3. Take a bowl and dry it, put in starch

  4. Take a bowl and dry it, put it in a bread crumb

  5. Sprinkle the pork cutlet on the large row, and then evenly spread it by hand so that every place does not leak, so that each piece has a thin layer of powder on it. Marinated for about half an hour

  6. Then take it out one by one, first in the starch bowl and take a layer of starch

  7. Then drag in the egg bowl to make a thin layer of egg white on it.

  8. Finally, put it in a bowl of bread crumbs and take a layer of bread.

  9. Open the oil pan, turn the oil hot to medium heat, take a large amount of bread and simmer into the oil pan one by one, put it in a little fry for a while and then turn it over, one by one, each piece is about one and a half minutes, golden yellow Out, put in the dried pot


Although the color was not good this time, the taste was very tender and the mouth was very sweet. Although I am more complicated in doing this, it is absolutely delicious to eat. According to personal taste, you can eat spicy sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce and so on.

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