Recipe: Fried porcini

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried porcini



  1. Wash the yellow boletus and cut into thick slices of oblique knife. Drain the water, put in the pot and marinate with salt and mushrooms for 20 minutes, then sizing with dry starch.

  2. Wash the kale, remove the leaves and cut the blade

  3. Wash bamboo shoots, remove the blade after the shell leaves

  4. Carrot wash, cut flower blade for use

  5. Put the pot on the fire, inject the refined oil to the heat of 30%, and drain the mustard slices and bamboo shoots, and pick up the oil in the colander. When the oil continues to burn to 50% heat, put the boletus in the slip to the eight mature fishing in the colander

  6. Heat the wok and add the olive oil. Add the ginger and carrot slices to the musk, then add the kale slices, bamboo shoots, and boletus slices. Add a little water, add salt, mushroom seasoning and mix well, hook a little bit thin, and put the pan into the pan.

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