Recipe: Fried poached egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried poached egg


Fried eggs may be an indispensable part of everyone's childhood memories. One by one fried eggs accompanied by my student days, leaving a good memory of my heart. Just after I stopped school, I slowly forgot about it. I accidentally ate a fried fried egg outside. The warm memories seemed to pull me back to the student age. When I got home, I often fired it once. Fried eggs, as for the taste, are replaced with more of their own.



  1. Four eggs are fried well and removed and cut into pieces. Cut the onions and green peppers (you can also use green peppers only, add a red pepper just to look good).

  2. Put the oil in the pot, sauté the onion, pour the green pepper, stir fry, pour the fried egg, add raw soy sauce, consume oil, sugar, pour in a small amount of water, stir fry and wrap the egg in the sauce, close Season with fire and salt.

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