Recipe: Fried pickled greens fried edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pickled greens fried edamame


When the Shanghai family arrives in the summer, they usually make some fried pickled vegetables, such as fried pickled greens and fried edamame, and fried marinated dried fish. The so-called sautéed marinade is a quick pickling in a short time.



  1. Put Shanghai Qing to the old leaves, repair the roots, find a suitable container, put a spoonful of salt in a layer of vegetables, each layer can be placed with stems and leaves, and then a little weight, pickled 3 to 4 hours;

  2. Peel the edamame and wash it, drain the dried red pepper, and cut the seeds; the marinated vegetables are washed repeatedly with water, squeezed into water, and cut into small pieces;

  3. Add a little oil to the wok, first smash the pepper and pour it into the peas and stir-fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Then pour in the pickles and stir until the oil is soaked. The water is basically volatile. Adjust the sugar to taste or add some chicken powder. Fresh.


When pickling, the salt is scattered by hand. About two or three layers of 10 grams of salt are for reference. Pressing with heavy objects can make the salt penetrate faster, and the salt will be smashed when the food is eaten. Stir fry with oily sauté, and it can also be synchronized with the time of ripening of pickles; the oil is slightly wider when frying the vegetables, and the water is fried and dried. It can be eaten with spicy peppers. The pepper is milder.

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