Recipe: Fried pepper with pickled pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pepper with pickled pepper


I am a pickled pepper, the best sour and spicy! Today's pickled pepper fried duck, that appetizing meal... It’s really an appetite! Friends of the spicy family, don't miss it!



  1. Peel the duck meat, cut into thin slices, put in a bowl, add the appropriate amount of oyster sauce, salt, cooking wine, water starch, a little sugar, mix well and marinate for 15 minutes.

  2. Pickled peppers cut into circles, kimchi slices; garlic peeled and cut into granules, ginger slices, onion cuts

  3. Put the oil in the hot pot, put the pepper, ginger, garlic, and sauté the sauté, then add the marinated duck slices, stir fry until the duck is discolored.

  4. Pour the pickle kimchi, stir fry for about two or three minutes, (if you feel too dry, you can put a spoonful of broth), and finally put the appropriate amount of soy sauce, scallion, stir well and then serve.


1. The duck meat is salted during pickling, and the pickled peppers and kimchi contain salt, so there is no need to put another salt when frying; 2. The amount of sugar can be used a little bit, not too much;

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