Recipe: Fried pepper with oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pepper with oyster mushrooms


Some time ago, I chatted with a netizen mother and talked about eating. Then she said that her daughter likes to eat mushrooms. Because she often does her daughter's playmate and has no time to study cooking, let me think about it. Ok. . I promised it because she is a good mother with a lot of love. She can give up a lot of things for children. She said that she should love education. It happened to me that a good TX told me that she also wanted to learn to cook recently, so I also asked me to study this aspect. This heavy responsibility is on me. Although I am a stupid, stupid head, it is hard to get people to work hard, so I have to work harder. Pleurotus eryngii, we call it chicken leg mushroom, because the shape is long like chicken legs, the mushroom is full of flesh. Honestly, I really don't know what children like, probably because I am a person who has no love, so I took it for a week before I thought of it. Children should be interested in bright colors, so use a pair of colored peppers, sweet peppers, and can be eaten raw, and there is no smell of bell pepper (the most annoying food of Crayon Shinchan), maybe Winning children happy. Well, my mom is vegetarian, so this dish, I think it can also be eaten as vegetarian chicken. .



  1. If the main ingredients are ready. (This ingredient list does not need to be salted)

  2. Add 3 times more oil than the stir-fry in the pot. After the oil is hot, fry the sliced ​​mushrooms in the oil for 1 minute, until a little golden yellow appears, you can pick up the oil.

  3. Put up the excess oil, leave 1-2 tablespoons of oil in the pot, add the minced garlic, sauté the diced green onion, then add the fried oyster mushrooms and stir fry

  4. Soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken juice plus 50ML of water, add to the pot and stir fry, stir until the juice is almost dried

  5. Add the colored peppers and stir fry 1 minute before the fire is turned off.


1. The mushroom is cut into squares of 2cm size and will shrink by almost half the volume after frying. 2, I feel that the fried will be tired of hot air, you can use hot boiled mushrooms to 5 minutes to replace the frying process. 3, plus the old pumping for coloring, if you taste the salt before the fire, you can add a little sugar to salty. 4, the color pepper needs to cut enough small particles to shorten the time of the last fried pepper without discoloration. 5, chicken juice is available in the supermarket, a bottle of bottle, very thick, if you can not buy, you can use a little chicken powder instead, if If there is no chicken powder but there is chicken soup, you can use chicken soup instead of water, but soy sauce must be reduced by 1/3 to avoid too salty. If chicken juice, chicken powder, and chicken soup are not there, then forget it.

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