Recipe: Fried pepper with konjac

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pepper with konjac


Konjac has the name of intestine sand. It is a beneficial alkaline food. People who eat a lot of animal acidic food can eat some konjac to achieve acid-base balance. Konjac also lowers blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, clearing away heat and losing weight. , laxative and other functions.



  1. After cleaning the konjac, cut the long strips for use (do not like the konjac smell, you can copy the konjac water, the taste will be reduced)

  2. The pepper is smashed with a knife, cut into long strips, and the pepper seeds are washed away (you can subtract some of the spicy flavor of the pepper, people who like spicy can not use it)

  3. Ginger shredded, garlic slices, pepper a little spare

  4. Open the fire, wait for the pot to heat up, add the rapeseed oil, wait for the oil to start to smoke, add the ginger and garlic pepper to saute, then add the konjac together and stir fry evenly, then add the pepper and stir fry, wait until the konjac is cooked quickly and add the appropriate amount of salt. , soy sauce, if you want a good color, you can add a few drops of soy sauce, then stir fry evenly, stir until the konjac is cooked and ready to serve.


Stir-fried with pepper, it is better to eat. If you can't accept it, you must remove the seeds of the pepper. It will be much better. If you can't eat it, you can use the hot pepper instead of the pepper. Konjac has the name of going to the intestinal sand, but also can lose weight and regulate the body's acid-base balance. Is a good choice!

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