Recipe: Fried pepper with green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pepper with green pepper



  1. Sliced ​​sausage, sliced ​​green pepper, ginger and garlic

  2. Heat the pan without oil, put the sausage directly, and fry the sausage with a small fire. Then put the water, ginger, the water is basically not to the sausage, start to cook

  3. Cook until the juice is almost dry, put the sausage on one side of the pot, then put a little oil to heat a little. Under the minced garlic, smell the scent, knead the sausage down and fry

  4. Green pepper, stir fry evenly, green pepper cooked, try salty enough salt

  5. Add a little chicken or MSG

  6. carry out


This dish is not spicy, if it is spicy, then start the sausage, get some dried chili or chili powder, fry the sauce and start the sausage in the pot and fry.

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