Recipe: Fried pepper with green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pepper with green pepper


As a Fran girl, I like to use pepper to stir all kinds of favorite ingredients. The simple chili pepper is the happiest hometown in memory.



  1. According to the shape of the green pepper, diced or cut into strips. As long as the size is uniform, it doesn't matter what you like.

  2. The sausage was chamfered into pieces of about 2 cm. This is also based on personal preference to control the thickness and size ~ important self-like preferences!

  3. After the hot pot, put the chopped sausage into it and scent it slightly. The sausage itself will come out with oil and there is no need to drain the oil. If it is a particularly thin sausage, you can also add a little oil to the pot while you are in the hot pot.

  4. Wait until the surface of the sausage is slightly fragrant and ready for use! (Asai I especially like to stir the sausage crispy and crispy! If the mouth is not good or don't like too hard mouth shoes, you don't have to fry for too long, just stir it up a little.)

  5. Use the remaining oil of the fried sausage in the pan and stir-fry the green pepper. Put a small amount of salt on the green pepper after the pot (add salt to make the green pepper quickly dehydrated)

  6. After the green pepper is broken, add the previously fried sausage and stir fry. Stir fry for about 1 minute, add raw soy sauce, a little soy sauce color. (A sai is a heavy-flavored Fran girl, so the soy sauce will be added, people who don't like too much color can also add seasoning without adding soy sauce. The soy sauce can adjust the saltiness, the novice must be a little slower. Try it slowly.) After adding the soy sauce, stir it up for about a minute and a half.


Adding salt to the green pepper after the pot can speed up the breaking and flavoring of the green pepper, and can also prevent the green pepper from being burnt out under the premise of a small amount of oil.

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