Recipe: Fried peas with shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried peas with shrimp


The weather of these two days, It feels like summer has come unexpectedly. Standing in the sun at noon, I thought it was already July and August. Peas are rich in high quality protein, carbohydrates, Fat and multivitamins, Can enhance the body's immune function; Shrimp is rich in protein and calcium and is nutritious. The meat is soft and easy to digest, and has the effect of appetizing and tonifying the kidney. This dish can be supplemented with calcium and protein. Beans and shrimp are very nutritious. Peas with shrimp, In addition to calcium, it also takes into account protein. The color of this dish is also very beautiful, let people see the index finger move!



  1. Fresh peas are placed in a water pot, boiled and cooked, and drained and drained.

  2. The shrimp peeled off the shell and opened the back to the intestines. Marinate with a small amount of salt and cooking wine for a while

  3. Put the right amount of olive oil in the wok, pour the marinated shrimp into the stir fry until the surface is discolored.

  4. Add the peas from step 3 and stir fry for a while

  5. Add some salt and chicken essence to taste, pour a little bit of water starch, and hook a thin pot to serve.


Beans must be cooked before they can be eaten.

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