Recipe: Fried peas with minced meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried peas with minced meat


This is a very common home cooking, the practice is very simple, let's try it!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Peeled peas 100g

    Peeled peas 100g

  2. Cut the meat into minced meat and recommend yourself to lick it. This meat is delicious!

  3. Green and red peppers are cut into small pieces.

  4. Stir-fried minced meat, put the right amount of oil in the pot, stir-fry the minced meat, put a spoonful of cooking wine in the pot and stir fry, then serve the pot and put it in a bowl.

  5. Put the right amount of oil in the pot, put the green pepper and the red pepper into the pot, stir fry several times, pour the minced meat into the fry, then put the right amount of salt, a little soy sauce, stir fry several times. Put the peas together and stir fry!

  6. After three or four minutes, add the chicken and mix twice to cook!

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