Recipe: Fried peas rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried peas rice


NOTE: There are two kinds of bean rice in the market, one color is white (spoken glutinous powder), one color is greenish (sweet bean rice, the taste is partial to water, such as the photo on the photo~ I only bought this in the supermarket of rice country) ). Use the white one to stir up the delicious taste. #找的味道的味道# In the warm morning, I moved a small bench and sat on the balcony with my mother, peeling the peas around the basket. I really miss this scene. Why buy a shelled trouble and die, instead of buying someone to peel it off, Because such peas will be tender, do not need to add water, directly fried, the taste is not hundreds of times better than adding water. At least in our home, I have never eaten beans that have been fried with water. Adding water and frying peas are all monsters! But if the beans are very old, don't try to do this. It will be very hard. . .



  1. Hot oil, oil should not be too small, at least let each bean have their share. . After the oil is hot, pour in the peas, stir fry, and find some time to add a few pieces of garlic in the middle.

  2. Stir for about 3 minutes, see the shell on the surface of the beans start to wrinkle and white, add salt, continue to fry

  3. Stir-fry, stir-fry, stir-fry until you can see that some of the beans are falling, and the beans inside are scattered, which means that they are almost cooked. The peas that are so fried are very sweet and very fragrant! ~ Every time I am a big spoonful of a spoonful to eat directly! The scattered beans are more delicious!


1. Bean rice must be tender 2. It is best not to add so many miscellaneous flavors. If you want to put some minced meat, you can also fry with lard. But I think the salty taste and the sweet taste of the beans are great.

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