Recipe: Fried pasta with vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pasta with vegetables


Compared with Chinese noodles, the pasta is really good for it. First, it tastes strong, even if it is deliberately overcooked, it is very Q. The second is full of wheat, and the third is cute in shape. It is eaten directly with a big mouthful of a spoon. It is very cool. Therefore, doing this simple Western food can not only allow the old people to eat fresh things, but also the taste that makes them unacceptable. Why are we not to be children?



  1. Potatoes, tomatoes, and onions are cut into small dices, fresh shiitake mushrooms can be cut into small dices, and celery is cut into 2 cm segments.

  2. Spaghetti is best not to use noodles, other small shapes can be, according to your taste, use a certain heat to cook, filter out moisture


If you don't have ketchup at home, it doesn't matter. You can divide the tomato diced into two parts, skinned and without skin. First fry the onion without the skin, and basically fry the mud. Finally, when you need to put the tomatoes, put the skinned part in it.

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