Recipe: Fried pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pasta


It’s ordinary fried pasta.



  1. Cook the pasta until the noodles are soft, remove them and let them dry.

  2. Cut the lettuce, bean sprouts, baby vegetables, peas, peppers, etc. in the empty noodles.

  3. Heat the pan and drain the oil. Or put oil first and then heat it.

  4. Pour the minced garlic and a small amount of diced green onion into the pan. This is very fragrant.

  5. At this time, put the noodles into the pot and start frying the noodles. When you fry for 2-3 minutes, release the salt and salt. When you put it, you can taste it and let it taste salty. When the saltiness is appropriate, put the old draw for coloring.

  6. Pour the sliced ​​lettuce, pepper, etc. and stir-fry with the noodles for 1-2 minutes.

  7. Turn off the fire, sprinkle with pepper and the remaining diced green onion, you're done, start eating~


The oyster sauce can be put a little less. When I fry noodles, I feel that the pasta is fried. Not very oily When you start cooking with garlic and stir-fry, don't put too much onion, it will affect the taste and beauty.

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