Recipe: Fried pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pasta


This dish is very suitable for children to eat, of course, adults also like it. Since I didn't expect to post it to the kitchen at the beginning, I didn't take pictures, only a good photo, sorry! Good things to share, so I will try to describe the steps in detail for your reference!



  1. Pasta boiled in water (15 minutes or so, add a few cold water while cooking) until the surface is soft, if it is hard, the taste is not good, then drain the water;

  2. Cook the noodles at the same time. Prepare the side dish: Cut the garlic into pieces and contact with the air for 15 minutes (garlic can produce anti-cancer). The tomatoes are boiled in water and cut into small pieces. The onions and shiitake mushrooms are cut into pieces, and the bean sprouts are washed. Net drain

  3. Hot pot cold oil, under the garlic pieces, onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts stir fry a few times, pour the appropriate amount of soy sauce, put the tomatoes stir fry, put the salt (the amount of salt to see the amount of vegetables in the pot at this time, the same time cooking in peace) Stir-fried, stir-fried until 8 mature, then put the cooked spaghetti stir fry a few times, put tomato sauce (according to personal taste, I like to eat more ketchup), sugar (sugar and tomato sauce are proportional, prevent too Too acid), chicken essence, thirteen incense, stir well, too dry can add a small amount of water, out of the pot.

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