Recipe: Fried oysters with oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried oysters with oyster mushrooms



  1. Ducks are washed in advance, sliced, add rice wine, white pepper, onions, salted

  2. A small section of oyster mushrooms and carrots. (Carrots are very nutritious, but not too fond of eating. I will buy one at a time when the house is out of stock, and a small piece in the dish, so it will be eliminated.)

  3. Put hot oil in the pot, put the duck pot on the pan, and put it out when discolored.

  4. From the oil pan, put the Pleurotus eryngii and carrot slices into the fry

  5. When the oyster mushrooms and carrot slices look soft, put the fried duck simmer into the stir fry

  6. Put a small bowl of water and turn it over for a while.

  7. At this time, take a small bowl, put oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little sugar, a little salt, raw powder, stir and mix into a seasoning juice. (Fast speculation, it is necessary to adjust the juice in advance, otherwise, while frying while feeding, it will overdo it)

  8. Open the lid, turn the fire, pour the seasoning juice, stir fry evenly, sprinkle with white sesame

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