Recipe: Fried oyster mushrooms and tomatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried oyster mushrooms and tomatoes



  1. Washing oyster mushrooms · Controlling water · Do not like too much soup · Can control several times a tomato (large) chopped spare shallots and chopped

  2. Because it is a lot of tomato juice, it is a lot of tomato juice, and it is a lot of tomato juice. ·You can use a wooden shovel to press the tomatoes several times. Then put all the oyster mushrooms. Continue to stir the fire. When the oyster mushrooms are soft, put a little salt. After that, the oyster mushrooms will effluent (how much water is controlled by the water) Put the remaining green onion and stir fry. Turn into a small fire. Cover the lid and suffocate it for one to two minutes.


If you don't like tomato's little partner, this method can ignore the tomato step. If you like tomato, you should use a big tomato. Try not to use ketchup. After all, you have additives.

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