Recipe: Fried oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried oyster mushrooms


The oyster mushrooms sent by my mother in the northeast have always been used to make chicken stewed mushrooms. This time my dad taught me to stir-fry, and it feels great!



  1. Dry oyster mushrooms soaked and wrung

  2. Cut green pepper, prepare chopped green onion

  3. Garlic scallions, hot pot, add roast meat or pork belly, stir fry until discolored, then add a small amount of boiling water

  4. Add oyster mushrooms, add some soy sauce, stir fry until the color is bright. At this time, the water in the pot should be small.

  5. Add green pepper, add half a spoonful of sugar to freshen, salt a small amount of seasoning, green pepper is slightly cooked to cook

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